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Data Processing

Accounting Simplified

Your business will be empowered by the ease of the accounting services we provide. Accounting is what we're passionate about. We understand accounting is not a one-size fits all solution and will adapt the processes and components in a way that will work efficiently for your business.



Bookkeeping is a business necessity. Allow us to streamline the timely and accurate coding of transactions.

Accounts Payable

We can manage the day to day expense/payment workflows and help implement more streamlined workflows.


We'll use your current system or recommend a new system depending on your needs.

CFO Services

We'll partner with you on your strategic financial goals. CFO services include cash forecasting, budget vs. actuals, KPI reporting, and more.

Software Implementation

Do you need a new software and not sure how it'll affect accounting workflows? We are passionate about systems, processes and efficiences. Whether it be selecting something new, better utilizing current tools, or training others, we're here to help.


We do not do taxes (yet!), however we have completed the books and submitted financials for tax purposes enough times to give you insight into important tax areas. We're confident our other services will be an aid to your CPA.


About the Founder

Danny Steenhoek, CPA, worked in public accounting auditing companies ranging from $0 in revenue to over $1 billion in revenue. He worked in various corporate accounting roles for industries in Finance, Oil and Gas, and Tech. He has a passion for accounting and the details of business operations. His passion for business lead him to start his own business and share this desire with others. Coupling his accounting skills with an MBA it was a no-brainer to go into business in something he is passionate about.

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